Media Attention on Nintendo NY Could Signal Early Mario Bros. Wonder Previews

Earlier this year, in June at the Nintendo Direct, it was announced that the Italian plumber would be getting a whole new game this year, titled Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This would be the first Mario title after 2017‘s hit, Odyssey, and would mark the return to the series’ iconic 2D side-scrolling platformer style.

Keep in mind that Odyssey was released the same year as the Switch, and the next mainline entry in the series will hopefully be the last one too. All of the Mario titles released in between were either ports, spinoffs, or remakes.

Now, a lot of media press has been posting photographs of Nintendo NY recently. Perhaps, this sudden surge of attention would point to the fact that an announcement is imminent – we don’t know for sure. Given our limited knowledge about SMB. Wonder, it’s possible that sources could provide some early previews of the game.

The trailer for Super Mario Bros. wonder, released at the Nintendo Direct showcased some interesting tidbits of information regarding the game, including new animations, and power-ups. Ironically, the game, in most of the ways doesn’t deviate away from the tried-and-tested side scrolling 2D action, but there are some traits that make it unique.

Take Wonder Flower collectible as an example that upon consuming transforms everything around you in weird, wobbly ways. Not to mention that the trailer showcased Mario transforming into an actual elephant at the end of the trailer. At the moment, not a lot is known about the game, but from what we do know, it sure looks interesting.

An important fact to remember is that this would be the first Mario game in over 26 years that’ll voiced by a new actor. Charles Martinet has retired from his role as the voice actor for Mario, and will be serving as the ambassador for the Super Mario series.

The game is available to pre-order online, and the web page for the game was updated earlier this week, providing insight into the multiplayer aspect of the game. This is also something that would make the game different from old 2D Mario platformers.

The page said that the multiplayer details for the game would be revealed later on. Perhaps there’s a surprise in store for us, or the multiplayer mode would be added later on in the game as part of an update.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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