StumbleUpon Shifts to a New Discovery Platform called Mix

StumbleUpon is reportedly shifting to a new discovery platform after sixteen years, as conveyed through a tweet by the StumbleUpon Team. StumbleUpon is a fairly old social networking platform that was there way before tweets, posts, snaps and pins were in fashion. According to the official website, the platform had been serving approximately 40 million users and provided endless entertainment with simply a push of button. Through this platform, people supposedly made countless friends, connected with their community, found career inspiration and even found the love of their life. A user who stumbled for sixteen years commented, “I met some of my dearest friends on SU. People who I went on to meet in real life. people all around the world. more than just an Internet site. Much much more.”        

It does not mean that StumbleUpon is going anywhere, it is simply shifting its focus to building a new discovery platform which is called Mix. On Mix, users will be able to build shareable collections of their favorite finds over the internet including videos, articles, podcasts and much more. As the user will curate the web, the saves will turn into meaningful recommendations for other users in Mix. It means that the platform would act as a collective endeavor through which users will be able to assist each other in finding gems from the web’s depths that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Mix will also allow users to serve up content in articles form and oddities according to their preference.

According to Garrett Camp, the website’s co-founder, all the current StumbleUpon accounts will transition to Mix automatically. “This will help you find obscure but interesting content that has been recommended by people you know and trust,” Camp says.

Maira Ahmed
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