Street Fighter 6 Sales at 2 Million: Capcom Affirms 10 Million Target in Earnings Call Q&A

In a recent conference call, the management team at Capcom discussed the first-quarter consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024. The Q&A session shed light on various aspects of the company’s performance and its future outlook.

When questioned about the first quarter earnings performance, the company stated that overall earnings were in line with expectations, except for the impact of foreign exchange rates. Street Fighter 6, one of the company’s major titles, is progressing well in sales, and the positive critical reception is expected to contribute to future sales as a catalog title.

Q: How do you evaluate the performance of Street Fighter 6?

A: Compared to the internal plan for the title, sales are generally progressing in line with our expectations. We believe that its positive critical reception will work as a tailwind in expanding future sales of the game as a catalog title.”

When asked about the lifetime sales target for Street Fighter 6, the company stated that while they do not communicate specific figures, they aim to outperform the previous title, Street Fighter 5, and achieve more than 10 million units sold over the game’s lifetime. Street Fighter 5 sold around 7 million copies, making it the best-selling game in terms of home console sales for Capcom.

Q: What is your lifetime sales target for Street Fighter 6?

A: While we do not communicate specific figures for internal budgets, we look to outperform the title’s predecessor, Street Fighter V, and are aiming for more than 10 million units over the life of the title.”

Currently, Street Fighter 6 is sitting at an impressive 2 million sales mark as of July 7th, 2023. And overall, the Street Fighter franchise has surpassed 50 million copies sold.

Capcom Has Always Wanted Street Fighter 6 to Sell 10 Million Units

It is not the first time Capcom discussed its expectations regarding the lifetime sales of Street Fighter 6; previously Capcom’s president, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, has stated that the company is aiming to sell 10 million copies of Street Fighter 6. In an interview with Famitsu, Tsujimoto emphasized that the Street Fighter series is their flagship title, and they had no reservations about investing in it. 

Street Fighter 6 | Capcom

He drew attention to the success of other Capcom franchises, such as Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, which have achieved sales of 10 million and 20 million copies, respectively.

Tsujimoto expressed his confidence that by leveraging their experience in digital sales, they can aim for even greater success with Street Fighter 6, surpassing the previous record.

The shift towards digital sales has significantly impacted Capcom’s sales strategy. Around 80% of the company’s game sales are now in digital format, as compared to physical copies. This has allowed Capcom to extend its sales strategy for up to three years after a game’s initial release. 

Tsujimoto explained that previously, due to limited shelf space, physical copies could only be sold for about six months, hindering long-term sales potential. However, with digital stores becoming more popular, games can now be sold for an extended period, allowing Capcom to explore lower unit prices for titles in the third year and beyond.

So it looks like things are going smoothly for Street Fighter 6 sales and Capcom has not lowered its expectations regarding the commercial success and sales target of the game. What are your thoughts about this news? Let’s discuss this in the comments section below.


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