Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Released for Marisa, J.P., Manon, Dee Jay, Dhalsim, and Honda

To give us our first decent look at several new Street Fighter 6 characters in action, Capcom today conducted its weekly Capcom TV live stream. The stream included some newer members, like Marisa, Manon, and J.P., as well as some of the older members, including Dhalsim, Dee Jay, and E. Honda.

Finally, after the second closed beta ended, this footage was released publicly, and we get a taste of the old school as sumo maestro E. Honda faces off against the mystical yoga practitioner, Dhalsim, and we get to watch the French Fatale Manon take on the returning superstar Dee Jay. It can be inferred that the setting is Paris since there’s a cafe, a crepe vendor, a mime, and the Eiffel Tower

As for the abilities, Manon’s first level superpower allows her to slide forward at high speed. It’s vital to keep in mind, after witnessing this level 1 super in action, that level 1 supers no longer enjoy projectile invincibility thanks to the most recent Closed Beta. This is a very powerful ability, that should be used sparingly for combos.

We also got a glimpse at JP, but his projectile attack didn’t do any damage. Since the missile moved so slowly, there is likely more to this attack than what is being reported. Regarding Marisa, we see a handful of her powerful hitting normals in action, though the player in control of her spends a lot of time just hopping around.

During this year’s presentation of The Game Awards, one of the many games that was showcased was Street Fighter 6. Along with introducing the previously stated characters Dee Jay, Manon, Marisa, and JP, the current teaser also revealed the game’s June 2 release date for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox One X.



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