Street Fighter 6 Brings An Impressive 18 Characters at Launch

It appears Street Fighter 6 is finally prepping its way for a release now with the announcement of its roster of impressive characters. The game features a strong roster of 18 characters whether it be new or returning to the famous Capcom series.

The roster of Street Fighter 6 Characters Revealed

E. Honda
Dee Jay

But that’s not all, players will be given the opportunity to create their very own select custom character for the first time in the world tour mode. Players will be given a huge plethora of character customization options and will ser you loose in the game’s Metro City where you’ll get a chance to fight against major characters and learn their master actions as you beat them.

Street Fighter 6 is gearing up for a closed beta between October 7-10 on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X and PC via Steam. Players can sign up for the upcoming beta is Street Fighter 6’s official website.

The game was showcased at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 showcase event and allowed players to have a full hand on experience of the game and it’s safe to say that the game does well to hone the title of Street Fighter 6.

So, are you excited for Street Fighter 6 and the impressive roster of characters that it showcased at the Tokyo Game Show 2022? Will we get to enjoy many other characters in the form of DLC unlockables? We don’t know yet so stay tuned to learn more as new information is shed light upon. 

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Naseer Abbas
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