Street Fighter 5 Fan Mod Fixes Major Netcode Bug, Took Just Two Days to Develop

Street Fighter 5, Capcom’s fighting game which launched in 2016, is infamous for its awful netcode. Since its beta years ago, a bug relating to the game’s handling of online play meant that one player would lag whilst the other would remain unaffected. This nasty bug has made the game unplayable for most, and nearly four years after launch, remains unaddressed by the developer. Although the bug is prevalent on all platforms, PC players can finally experience a better online experience thanks to a new mod.

Street Fighter 5 Netcode Fix

Created by Reddit user Altimor, this Street Fighter 5 mod apparently patches the aforementioned bug, allowing for lag-free online matches.

Altimor explains the cause of the bug via a post on the Street Fighter subreddit. Essentially, when one player’s game lags, the other player’s game suffers “artificial lag” to account for the desync in the players’ clocks. It’s a massive bug that has plagued Street Fighter 5 since launch, and after countless complaints from aggravated fans, Capcom is yet to release a fix. Fortunately, Altimor’s tweak does what the developer’s couldn’t, or simply haven’t.

The mod eliminates the bug by ensuring the player’s “clock never gets more than half of your packet round trip time ahead of your opponent’s so that you never experience more rollback than them.” 

As this fix is client-sided, both parties will need to have it applied to completely eliminate one-sided rollback. However, Altimor is also upgrading the fix to “allow it to correct for both players when playing with an unmodded client.”

Users testing out the patch report “wonderful” results, saying the mod makes the game “as fun to play online as it does offline.” The fix doesn’t work for cross-platform play, but PC-to-PC matches, according to the community’s response, have never felt better.

Altimor states that this fix “took a bit over 2 days to make”, and that it could’ve been done in less time with the source code available. It’s a shame that Capcom’s disregard to such issues has forced players to figure out things for themselves.

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