FIX: Stop Windows 10 from Trying to Install the Same Printer

Windows 10 has got a plethora of features that weren’t in the previous versions but we have been gifted with many bugs and errors along with them after updating as well. One such problem arises when after updating, Windows 10 continually tries to update our printer drivers. The problem is really severe just because it’s hard to deal with and resolve.

So the first obvious fix to this problem is via the Windows Update troubleshooting but we have tried that ourselves and to no avail. Many users tried to troubleshoot as well but that obviously isn’t the real fix. Also, this problem is not being caused by driver incompatibility so there is no use installing, deleting or reinstalling any drivers. Are you tired and fed up of trying and failing endlessly? Are you ready to give up trying or are you looking to try the one solution that will definitely not disappoint? If it’s the latter case, then perform the following steps and you should be able to bid your worries a permanent adieu:

Press the Windows key and X together to fire up the pop-up window above the start button.

Click on Control Panel from the list.

Now select the “Hardware and Sound” section.

Go to “Devices and printers” from the window.

Here you might find some unknown devices listed under “Printers”. (If you don’t have any unknown devices listed here, skip this step and proceed to step 7) For each unknown device, right click on it and select “Remove device”. You will require administrative privileges to perform this.

After you have removed all the unknown devices, you should restart.

If there weren’t any unknown devices listed in the Printers tab, then you need to go to the device manager. Write “Device manager” after pressing the windows button to open the start window.

Here, under printers you should be able to find some unknown devices. For each one of them, right click and select “Uninstall”.

Once done, restart.

The problem should no longer be there and upon restarting, you shouldn’t be asked to update your printers again.

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FIX: Stop Windows 10 from Trying to Install the Same Printer

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