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FIX: Steps to fix atibtmon.exe runtime error

The most common issue people are having is when they disconnect or unplug the AC Power Cord it results in a runtime pop-up error related to atibtmon.exe. Atibtmon.exe is a ATI Brightness Monitor Program.

When you disconnect the AC Power Cord it signals this program; which returns the error if it cannot make the changes it is supposed to such as dimming the brightness and switching to a low-power mode to save energy and increase the battery’s runtime.

Many reasons for this to occur; but my guess is that the software crashes and this could be due to upgrade or compatibility.

In order to fix the issue; open the Catalyst Pro Control Center and choose “PowerPlay” under the Power option from the left pane.

Then uncheck to disable “Vari Bright” and hit Apply.



  1. I don’t have the Vari-Bright option. But, all I had to do was change the setting while on Battery to “Maximize Performance” under “Advanced Power Settings” and “ATI Graphics Power Settings” It only took me since the Windows 10 upgrade to figure this out! Ugh!

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FIX: Steps to fix atibtmon.exe runtime error

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