Step By Step Guide To Print Hotmail E-mails

There are at least two ways to print your Hotmail emails. First, you can sign in to your Hotmail, go to your browser’s menu and print your email. Usually, it is not a suitable option to print your email. In fact, this will not only print your opened email but also all the other items in the browser’s window. Most probably, you will waste a lot of pages and printer ink, and get a cluttered printed page. Unless you intend to print the whole page—not the contents of your message—you should use the second method.

The second method of printing your email is through the Hotmail, or as it is called nowadays, print menu. Follow this step-by-step procedure to print your Hotmail emails.

Step By Step Guide To Print Hotmail E-mails

Go to Hotmail, or, and log in to your account.

Open the message you want to print.

Click More Commands menu, in the upper-right corner of the window. This is usually denoted by three dots.


Click Print.

A new window will pop up with a preview of your email message along with a print dialogue box. In this print dialog box, you can choose the printer and other options like number of pages and number of copies. If you need to change printer settings, click Properties next to the printer name.

Although the new window gives you a preview of your email, you cannot scroll down and see the full print preview. To see the full print preview, you need to close the print dialog box. Close the print dialog box and scroll down to see the full print preview.

When you are ready to print, click the Print option on the upper left corner of the screen or press the Ctrl + P keyboard shortcut in Windows.

If you have changed your mind, you can close the Print Message window to cancel printing.

Do not use Ctrl + P keyboard shortcut directly from your inbox. If you do, you will get the print of the whole page with most of the items that you did not intend to print.

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Step By Step Guide To Print Hotmail E-mails

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