Step By Step Guide To Flush Canon’s Print Head

As stated in one of my earlier posts, usually all new Canon printers have  a built in cleaning procedure BUT this doesn’t always work. In cases, where the print head is severely clogged, the deep cleaning procedure will not be able to unclog the clogged ink on the head. If you haven’t already tried deep-cleaning using the printer’s menu, then try it first before going with this method.

Flushing Your Canon Printer’s Print Head

1. Ensure that the  printer is turned off and the carriage are in the middle.

2. Lay a plastic sheet or multiple papers stacked  over to avoid ink from contacting surface as it may leak and leave spots when you remove the cartridges.

3. Now remove the ink cartridges by unsnapping/lifting them.

4. The print head release lever is indicated by Green Lines in the image above. In some models, the release lever may be on the left/right  or both sides depending on your printer’s model.

5. To unlock the print head release the lever to the vertical position.

6. Now locate the area under  where the ink cartridges were (i.e the top part of the print-head) and wiggle it a bit to lift it out.

7. Now look at the surface of the print head for gold/copper contacts, this is where the ink is usually clogged, if it is clean then your print-head is most likely burned but if it is not clean then you will need to clean it up by following further steps below.

8. Pour warm tap water onto the inkports for approximately 1-2 minutes.

9. Using a lint-free towel, clean up the water ensuring that the surface contacts are dry.

10. Reseat the printhead onto the printer and wiggle it a bit again so that it adjusts itself properly.

11. Put the ink cartridges back and close all covers.

12. Now check if the printer is printing properly. If it does not, then either the print-head is burned or electrically damaged. Your best option is to get a replacement print head if the printer is still under warranty by contacting your local Canon dealer.

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Step By Step Guide To Flush Canon’s Print Head

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