SteamDB Creator Shares Screenshot of Steam Redesign

During a presentation that took place in January 2018, Valve teased a complete overhaul of the Steam UI. The presentation was reportedly about Steam and gave game developers who attended a preview of the redesign. Since then, Valve has been mostly silent about the status of the redesign, but today SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik tweeted a screenshot of what the Steam redesign supposedly looks like.

According to Djundik, the picture seen above is taken from a slide from Valve’s January presentation. The picture portrays Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and information about the Operation Health update which it received in July 2017.

Valve’s January Presentation Slide

This Steam redesign that we know so little about has reportedly been in the works for years. The current version of the Steam redesign looks very different when compared to the “SteamU” leak from 2 years ago. It’s possible that the leak was inaccurate, but because it originated from within the Steam client beta, it’s likely that Valve scrapped SteamU and decided to go for an entirely new look.

As noticed by PC Gamer, the redesign slightly resembles the developer and publisher homepages that were introduced to Steam back in June. Reading from the ‘Steam Library’ slide from the presentation, the Steam redesign aims to provide a “rich display of content”, featuring a mix of developer updates, community submissions, friend activity, and more.

All of this is based on a screenshot from a months-old presentation, which means that it’s possible some or all of the stuff seen above has already been changed.

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SteamDB Creator Shares Screenshot of Steam Redesign

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