Steam Weekly Roundup: Valve Brings Robust Search Features, Increased Adoption Of AMD & Windows 10

It is good to see that Valve is finally working to add more features to its platform with three of them already released in July. The July additions included an automatic daily show, interactive recommendations, and micro trailers. Steam’s search is always criticized for offering a limited set of filters including platform, number of players and tag. However, users weren’t able to filter search results based on the price. The popular gaming platform has rolled out an improved search experience recently.

Now gamers can enjoy more control over their search results. The newly added filters can help you to find the games based on the price. You can also figure out the games that are on sale. Steam now provides powerful filtering by tags functionality.

Valve is bringing another highly requested feature to Steam. You no longer need to navigate different pages on the platform. The infinite scrolling allows you to access more content just by clicking the Page down button.

Steam already has a strong userbase and these changes will definitely help the platform to attract more gamers.

Steam August 2019 Hardware & Software Survey

Valve releases hardware survey results for its Steam PC-gaming platform on a monthly basis. The survey is based on the data collected from Steam’s gaming community. The results indicate the software and hardware choices of the users in a specific month.

The August survey statistics published by Steam are impressive for AMD and Microsoft. The numbers reveal that around 20% of the CPU market segment is now acquired by AMD. However, Intel is struggling to give a tough competition to its rival at the moment.

Moreover, the GPU market is currently dominated by Nvidia with a massive market share of 75 percent. Notably, AMD managed to grab 15 percent market share. The release of RTX card helped Nvidia to establish its monopoly in the GPU industry. The Steam survey results show that GTX 1060 is one of the most popular cards among the gaming community.

Moving further, today 73 percent gamers are using Windows 10 OS. It is worth mentioning that this is a pretty impressive number considering all the existing issues in the platform. It is interesting to see that Windows 7 is the second most popular platform after Windows 10 with around 19 percent share.

Steam Hardware & Software Survey
Steam Hardware & Software Survey


As far as the overall market share is concerned, Windows dominates the market with a 96 percent share. Only 9 percent of users are on macOS.

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Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.

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Steam Weekly Roundup: Valve Brings Robust Search Features, Increased Adoption Of AMD & Windows 10

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