Steam Hardware Survey Out, AMD Taking Shots at Intel in Windows While Losing to NVIDIA in the GPU Department

Every month, Steam releases a hardware survey showing the most commonly used CPUs, GPUs, OSs and the rising/falling trends in the PC market. Over 120M people are included this survey. July’s hardware survey has surfaced and it seems that AMD is gaining ground against Intel in Windows while totally taking over the Linux OS.

Starting off, the most commonly used OS is of course the uncontested Windows having a clear 97.03% dominance over the market. Apple’s OSX comes in at number 2 with a small 1.74% minority and to top things off, Linux OS falls behind at just 1.23%.

Under Window’s umbrella, the Windows 10 64 Bit has an unprecedented majority with 73.13% of users using this OS. However, Windows 11 is not far behind with a massive 21.12% share. Do note that Windows 11 came out just a year back.

Steam Hardware Survey July (Most Commonly Used Windows)


Steam Hardware Survery July (General Overview)

Aside from all that, the complete GPU market share goes towards NVIDIA at around 76.19%. AMD takes the second spot at just 14.64%. Wow! So Intel with the Arc GPUs can actually take over AMD in the GPU market. Most people now have DX12 capable GPU with a massive 75.52% share.

Steam Hardware Survey July (Market Share per Manufacturer)

Moving on to the CPU manufacturer used in Windows, Intel has started to lose its footing with its share dropping from 68.47% in June to 66.26% in July (-2.21%). Linux has different results, where AMD just took over Intel with a massive 5% increase as compared to last month.

Steam Hardware Survey July (LinuxOS CPU share)

Then the question regarding the most commonly used GPU arises. As expected the 1060 takes the lead with a 6.96% share. The second place is occupied by the newer Turing based GTX 1650 at a 6.19% share. Interestingly, the first 16 spots are occupied by NVIDIA. With AMD coming in at 1.43% with its RX 580.

Steam Hardware Survey July (GPU Market Share)

33.76% of people now opt to use a 6-core CPU taking the first place. The quad core market falls behind by just 2% at 31.94% at the second place.

Steam Hardware Survey July (Most Commonly Used CPU Type w.r.t core count)

If you’re planning to buy a GPU, make sure it can run games at 1080p because over 67% of people now have a 1080p display. This lead is uncontested because the next best resolution is 1440p at around 11.48% of people.

Steam Hardware Survey July (Most Commonly Used Display Resolution)

All 3 giants (NVIDIA,AMD and Intel) plan to launch their next gen CPUs and GPUs sometime in the next quarter. AMD in particular is a threat for Intel in the CPU market so Intel needs to step up its game. However, for GPUs, NVIDIA still remains undefeated.


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