Valve’s Steam Deck Now Available to Consumers Without Any Reservations

After almost a year of waiting, you can now purchase the Steam Deck immediately without having to make reservations. Users who pre-ordered the device have been getting it in batches, and the company has finally announced that the reservation line is over.

Individuals have had to reserve a Steam Deck for $5 and then pay the rest of the purchase at the time of delivery, which for many has been months.

The business acknowledged in a statement that it had been experiencing supply chain problems and component shortages, but operations are now back to normal owing to Valve’s persistent efforts to raise the production rate. However, estimated delivery times may extend in response to the demand. The company also stated, “Until we can catch up, at some time, we’ll shift back into reserve mode.” Valve is increasing Steam Deck’s worldwide accessibility, and even with all these issues, the company has managed to ship around 1 million units in total.

With shipments arriving later this year, Valve is taking bookings in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. So, if you live in one of those areas, act quickly to book one.

During Tokyo Game Show 2022, viewers got a startling first peek at the Steam Deck Dock. Following that, the docking station is now available thanks to Valve’s most recent update.  It has three USB A 3.1 connectors, a USB C power port, DisplayPort and HDMI video output ports, a gigabit Ethernet port, and can connect to a wide range of devices and monitors. Although Valve recommends using the original docking station to support the Steam Deck and watch the screen, the system is also compatible with USB docks or hubs from third-party manufacturers.

In addition to these hardware upgrades, Valve has also released software updates for the Steam Deck that fixed major bugs and added new functionality. Improvements to docked mode include better compatibility with displays, new settings for resolution and scaling, better touchscreen responsiveness, updated virtual menus, and improved offline mode stability.

The Docking Station is also available to purchase, with an MSRP of $89.

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