Steam Accepting ‘Atlas’ Refund Requests From Users Exceeding 2 Hours of Playtime

Atlas, the open world pirate MMO that launched earlier this week, saw an unsuccessful launch. There was lots of hype surrounding the game, but to the dismay of many, it failed to meet expectations. Atlas promised a massive world filled with pirates and such, but server issues prevented players from experiencing any of that.

A large number of users who purchased the game spent hours attempting to get a taste of the game. As such, players surpassed 2 hours in Steam’s time played record, making them ineligible for refunds. However, it seems that Steam is making exceptions for Atlas owners by accepting refunds even if the playtime exceeds 2 hours.


Atlas’ launch was initially delayed, and the game finally launched as an early access title on December 23rd. Currently, reviews of the game on Steam are ‘mostly negative’, and an ongoing sale has slashed the price by 17%.

Responding to the disgruntled fans, Jatheish Karunakaran of Grapeshot Games said in a statement“I’ll do my best to communicate with you going forward and keep you in the loop as much as I can. From my current knowledge, I fully expect ATLAS to hit Steam by NOON PST on the 22nd — as soon as I get wind of any changes. I will let you know.”

Atlas owners who were put off by the rocky launch are filing for refunds. Steam users are reporting having their refund requests accepted with as much 8 hours of ‘playtime’. Steam’s refund system is automated, but it looks like refund requests for Atlas are being handled manually.

Developer Grapeshot Games says that Atlas will remain in early access for approximately two years, during which more content will be added. The new pirate game is available now on Steam for $30, but the price will be raised to $60 when it leaves early access.

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Steam Accepting ‘Atlas’ Refund Requests From Users Exceeding 2 Hours of Playtime

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