New Screenshots From A 2018 Build of Starfield Have Leaked Online

Starfield is one of the most anticipated games of this year, that is if it actually isn’t subjected to any delays. Bethesda is pouring all of its heart and resources in this new AAA cosmic adventure that will take you to journeys beyond the stars. While the game has received a few trailers and updates since its initial announcement, it is still largely under wraps as Bethesda has not kicked off the game’s fully-fledged marketing campaign so far.

Therefore we know little about the game other than the dreamy visuals and the verbal promises of the now-Microsoft-owned studio. However, over on the game’s (unofficial) subreddit, r/StarfieldAlliance, a user has posted five pictures that are allegedly from a 2018 build of Starfield. These are leaked screenshots from a build internally developed at Bethesda and they offer a good look at the game’s high-quality assets including what looks like fully-finished textures.

As you can probably tell, the textures on some of these pictures are looking quite crisp and paint a very good indication of what the game will look like when shipped. If Starfield looked this good and this ready back in 2018, then we can only imagine how polished the game has become since then. Even the character model in the fourth picture looks great with the lighting in the scene elevating it to give it a whole ‘nother layer of immersion.

Of course, I should throw in the obligatory disclaimer that these are still leaked screenshots from an unofficial, unknown source so we have to take this information with a grain of salt. However, these five pictures are largely in line with the official media Bethesda has released for Starfield thus far, so we have reason to believe these screenshots are legit.

Starfield concept art | Bethesda

One thing eager fans should keep in mind that just because these leaked screenshots show the game in such polished condition back in 2018, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the final product that will ship. Early builds are often drastically different from the actual final release, for better or for worse, things can go both way so just be wary of that, and let’s hope these screenshots are positively indicative of what Starfield will look like at launch.

Speaking of which, Starfield is set to release on PC and Xbox Series X|S consoles on November 11, 2022. The game was made a Microsoft exclusive after the trillion-dollar tech behemoth acquired Bethesda in March of last year. The game is being helmed by legendary director Todd Howard and is being marketed as a single-player, third-person action-adventure experience unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. This is Bethesda’s most ambitious project since Skyrim came out back in 2013.

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New Screenshots From A 2018 Build of Starfield Have Leaked Online

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