Stardew Valley’s New Battle Royale Mod is a Violent Twist For The Farming Simulator

Battle royale was a significant part of gaming in 2018, and it seems that 2019 might feature the same trend. Earlier this year, an update to Stardew Valley added multiplayer, and mods making use of it were quick to follow. The new ‘Battle Royalley’ mod adds battle royale to the farming simulator.

Stardew Valley
Battle Royalley

Battle Royalley

Developed by Ilyaki, the mod was uploaded to Nexus Mods last week. Battle Royalley for Stardew Valley is not dissimilar to many of the other battle royale modes we’ve seen last year.

At the start of the game, all players will spawn in random locations scattered across the map. There’s the usual shrinking play area, which, in this case, is a border. Players can loot weapons from chests and go hunting for others, or play it defensively by chopping trees and crafting fences for cover. Players can ride horses into battle, or surprise the enemy by hiding behind trees and bushes. There’s also a spectator mode which allows you to teleport your view to any part of the map. The last farmer standing is the winner of the game.

You can find swords, slingshots, bombs, healing items and sometimes horses or even hats in chests spawned around the map,” says the mod creator.

The server host is in control of the max players, chest and player spawn locations. They can also pick the spot where the border closes in on. Head over to the listing on Nexus Mods to find instructions for mod installation, client and server setup. Any co-op world can be used for Battle Royalley, but the modder suggests one which has the mines, railroad, and the beach bridge areas unlocked.

Stardew Valley multiplayer is intended for four players per game, so 100 players in one game will likely cause some performance issues, that is if enough people play the mod.

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