Star Wars: Eclipse To Feature an All-New Race And The Game Will Revolve Around a Political Conflict

Star Wars: Eclipse will feature a new race, and the game will revolve around a political conflict. According to the recent reports by Sacred Symbols Podcast (transcribed by VGC), Star Wars Eclipse is in early production, and some details regarding the story of the game and the characteristics of the protagonist are revealed on the podcast.

“Materials seen by this podcast describe a so-called Project S, with a character named Sarah as the lead,”

It was also revealed in the podcast that the game is being co-written by David Cage and Adam Williams, who have previously helmed other Quantic Dream titles. All the details about the upcoming game were mentioned in a document that became the basis of the new information discussed on the podcast.

“Sarah is described as an athletic 30-something and is a member of a human-like race. This race is at the lead of some sort of empire called The Zaraan, a race not seen in Star Wars before.

It prides itself on political and military aggression and similar to what you find elsewhere in Star Wars there’s little differentiation between males and females when it comes to roles and responsibilities. But, there’s an interesting wrinkle, when Zaraan marries, their nuptials carry interesting military implications as they become one governing unit that works together.

This is a problem, because Sarah, a fanatical true believer in the violence and criminality regularly demonstrated by her empire, is married to a character named Xendo, who is a far softer touch,” the podcast host adds. “Part of the game seems to revolve around these two characters and their relationship.”

(Transcribed by VGC)

About Star Wars: Eclipse  

Star War: Eclipse was announced at Game Awards 2021, and no release window was revealed. The game seems to be in very early production and might be 3 to 4 years away from its release. Although nothing solid about the game’s story has been revealed yet, it is the first instance (today) that some information has been made public about the upcoming Star Wars game. 

However, some surface-level details about the game were revealed by Quantic Dream like the game will take place in the “uncharted region of the Outer Rim during The High Republic era, known as the golden age of the Jedi” and the players will experience never seen before environments and species. 

Other than this, no further details about the game were revealed. We will keep you posted about any additional information about Star Wars: Eclipse. Until then, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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