Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster’s Steam Page Is Live Now

Last month, the Poland-based studio Nightdive Studios announced the remastered edition of Star Wars: Dark Forces, a modern makeover of the classic 1995 first-person shooter. They revealed that it will be made compatible with modern platforms through Nightdive Studios’ KEX engine. 

For those unfamiliar, Nightdive Studios is renowned for their exceptional remastering of classics. Their most recent work, Quake 2 Remastered, was a surprise release at QuakeCon 2023 and received acclaim, showcasing Nightdive’s dedication to reviving classics. This same level of commitment is expected for Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster, which Nightdive Studios is developing in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games.

While the release date for Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster remains undisclosed, it is anticipated to launch later this year. Nightdive Studios has also confirmed that a second announcement for Dark Forces Remaster is forthcoming, so keep an eye out for additional information about the game. 

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster’s Steam Page Is Live Now!

As of now, the recent update is that the Steam page for Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster is live, allowing you to add it to your wishlist on Steam. You can also find the PC system requirements on the Steam page; however, whether they are final or subject to change cannot be confirmed with certainty yet. Waiting for an official statement from Nightdive Studios would be the best course of action.

Image: Nightdive Studios

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster Will Preserve the Essence of the Original Game While Delivering Enticing Upgrades

The original Star Wars: Dark Forces was a pioneering first-person shooter that introduced players to the vast Star Wars universe, it had a mix of action, storytelling, and memorable characters. And Nightdive Studios is aiming to revive this timeless classic for modern gaming platforms with the remastered edition.

The highlight of Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster is its ability to run at up to 4K resolution with a smooth 120 Frames per Second. This means that players can experience the game’s missions and Star Wars environments with impressive clarity and fluidity. However, the upgrades extend beyond visuals.

Nightdive Studios has gone the extra mile to enhance the gameplay experience. From high-resolution textures to improved lighting and rendering. With modern gamepad support, including a convenient weapon wheel and rumble feedback, players can effortlessly immerse themselves in the world of Dark Forces.

For newcomers, Star Wars: Dark Forces features an engaging storyline. Players step into the shoes of Kyle Katarn, a defector from the Galactic Empire turned mercenary. Tasked with infiltrating the Empire on behalf of the Rebel Alliance, Katarn stumbles upon the Empire’s secret Dark Trooper Project, a formidable threat to the galaxy (and the rest you can explore yourself when it comes out). It’s a thrilling adventure filled with action, puzzles, and intrigue.

The remaster will faithfully preserve all fourteen original levels. Players will be able to utilize various abilities such as jumping, ducking, crawling, and employ them to solve puzzles and overcome foes. The game’s Personal Digital Assistant will provide essential in-game information, including maps, inventory, and mission briefings.

Image: Nightdive Studios

In terms of combat, Dark Forces Remaster offers a diverse arsenal of ten weapons and a formidable roster of twenty enemy types. From blasters to explosive landmines, players will be able to wield the tools they need to take on the Empire. Power-ups, health, shields, and ammunition are plentiful, ensuring that the action never stops.

What are your thoughts about Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster? Are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments section below.


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