Standalone Dying Light Mod Lets You Run Across Horizontal Walls

Originally released in 2015, Dying Light is still played today by many thanks to its devoted modding community. The standalone horizontal wall running mod enhances the parkour aspect of the game by giving players the ability to run across horizontal walls. Fun to mess around and have fun with, but also highly useful during night time volatile chases.

The standalone horizontal wall running mod is a simple functionality mod that only adds the wall-running ability and nothing else. This standalone mod is aimed for those who do not want an overhaul or a more fleshed out mod like Advanced Moves. The mod was created by Nexus Mods user Grymrir and is available to download on the website.

With the mod installed, players will have to unlock the “Freerunning Adept” skill before being able to wall-run. After completing the prerequisites, the player can begin wall-running by jumping on a horizontal wall. To exit a wall-run, jump off the wall by holding the movement key that is opposite direction of the wall. Additionally, the mod gives the jump an extra bit of height in order to make the wall-runs more useful when attempting to climb to higher areas. According to the mod creator, jumping from wall to wall might be possible, albeit very difficult.

The mod is not compatible with another mod which modifies Data0.pak file. Mod installation is a bit tricky, but the owner has listed easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to do so. While there are other mods that add a whole bunch of new features, this mod is for those who only want the ability to wall-run in Dying Light.

Farhan Ali
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