Stalker 2 Will Use Unreal Engine, Might Launch As Epic Games Store Exclusive

Stalker 2, the sequel to the 2007 survival horror first-person shooter, was first announced over a decade ago. The game was initially slated for release in 2012, but a series of complications led to the studio shutting down and the project being shelved. Years later, GSC Game World was revived and announced in 2018 that the project is being rekindled. The Ukraine-based developer has kept details to a minimum, but finally shared some interesting information about Stalker 2’s engine of choice.

Stalker 2

Announced today via the Stalker franchise’s official Twitter, Stalker 2 is built on the Unreal Engine. GSC Game World opted for this technology for several reasons, with one of them being “to make modding more easy and accessible.”

The announcement wasn’t supposed to be made for a while, but a mistake on Epic Games’ part forced the Stalker developers to share the information. A list posted on the official Unreal Engine website mistakenly showed Stalker 2 as one of the games using the engine. Once they realized the mishap, the entry was quickly removed from the list, but not before speedy Redditors grabbed a screenshot.

The first installment in the Stalker series used the X-Ray engine, which was built by GSC Game World themselves exclusively for Stalker. Over a decade later, the engine has been dropped in favor of a more modern one.

“User modifications help the world of the Zone to live on while we are busy with making a sequel, and we can’t be more grateful for that.”

This is, of course, referencing the wide array of mods created by the ambitious Stalker fan base. To this day, modding efforts for the first Stalker games are being worked on, with the latest achievement being the Gunslinger mod entering open beta.

Stalker 2 is currently scheduled for release in 2021. The recent announcement had many fans wondering what platform the game would launch on. GSC states that the announcement has “nothing to do with platforms and digital stores”, and will “talk about this later”. The developers acknowledged that this is a sensitive matter, and as a result didn’t reveal any significant information. Expect to learn more about Stalker 2 in the coming months.

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Stalker 2 Will Use Unreal Engine, Might Launch As Epic Games Store Exclusive

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