The Most Stable ROMs For Galaxy S8

You own a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8, and you are happy about it. It is shiny, beautiful, and everything is great. OK, maybe not everything, but at least from the hardware perspective. When we talk about the software, it may not be so flawless. But, I am not judging you if you think so because I am in the same boat. However, you must get used to it, right?

Actually, no. You have an Android device. That means you can root it, and then you have tons of custom ROMs that you can choose from. You can adjust the look and feel of your device the way you like. However, some ROMs are laggy, others have a lot of bugs and finding the right one for you can be a tricky thing. Here, I will present you the most stable custom ROMs for Galaxy S8.

Renovate Ice 2.0

Renovate Ice is based on the latest TouchWiz firmware, and it has a custom kernel. The most compelling feature of this ROM is its speed. The ROM is running on Android 7.0 Nougat and feels a lot like the stock Galaxy S8 ROM. However, during the Aroma installation, you can choose which of the stock applications and features you want to remove. This ROM comes with an app called RiCE which allows you to customize most of the visual elements of the ROM. And, I can say that it is quite rich with features.

The only downside of this ROM is that it still has a lot of bloatware apps that take up a lot of your RAM memory. I recommend it for those of you that want speed and stability. Here is the official XDA thread where you can find a download link and instructions for the installation: Renovate Ice.

Omega ROM

Omega ROMs are present in the software community for quite a while. They are well-known for their stability and features. This is an odexed and rooted ROM for Galaxy S8. You can choose SuperSU or Magisk Manager as a root variant. During the Aroma installation, you can easy debloat the ROM and also select your region. Omega ROMs is running on the latest Samsung firmware with Android 7.0 Nougat under the hood. However, this ROM uses the stock kernel, so the overall speed is very close to the stock Galaxy S8 ROM. The most noticeable feature of this ROM is the popular Omega Files app which offers you a whole world of mods and features. This app is still in the early phase, but it is a subject to constant upgrades.

Currently, the biggest weakness of this ROM is a lack of customization, which I hope will improve over time. If you are looking for a near stock looking, debloated ROM, this one is just for you. Here is the official XDA thread where you can find a download link and instructions for the installation: Omega Rom.

Nemesis ROM

As the earlier ones, this ROM also uses the Samsung Firmware as a basis. But, it runs on its own kernel for Android 7.0 Nougat. Compared with the stock ROM for Galaxy S8, Nemesis shows better speed results. That puts this ROM close to Renovate Ice in terms of speed. When we talk about customization, this ROM wins. Nemesis Settings Free is the app where you can customize pretty much everything you want.

The flaws of this ROM are a couple of bugs here and there, that can be very annoying. For example, the device reboots if you turn on the flashlight. However, I know for sure that developers will fix that in the further releases. Nemesis is a Galaxy S8 ROM that is the most suitable for the customization enthusiasts. Here is the official XDA thread where you can find a download link and instructions for the installation: Nemesis ROM.

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The Most Stable ROMs For Galaxy S8

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