SSDs Now Get The RGB Treatment – T-Force Unveils New Delta R RGB SSDs With Read Speeds Upto 560MB/s

Premium Gaming components most of the time come with some form of RGB. It was mostly limited to gaming peripherals and a few hardware components, but now if you can think of a hardware component, there are probably RGB varients for it. A lot of people seem to love it, now that most premium cases have a clear side panel.


Source – Techsource

The new Delta R RGB SSD comes from T-Force. It’s a 2.5 inch drive, with a height of 9.5mm. The Delta R SSD uses a standard 9 pin USB header on the motherboard.

The SSD will actually come in three capacities 250GB, 500GB and 1TB. Read and write are rated at 560MB/s and 500MB/s, respectively. For the 500GB and 250GB versions 4K random read and write are rated at 90K IOPS and 80K IOPS, respectively. It’s slightly higher for the 1TB drives. The manufacturer mentions that 3d NAND flash is being used, but the make and controller types aren’t mentioned.

The SSD lights actually can’t be controlled or changed, it will glow up with default settings. Although you get features like TRIM and Error Code Correction. The SSDs also come with a 3 year warranty and two color options, black and white.

It’s pretty disappointing that the RGB lights can’t be controlled, it wouldn’t make sense for builds with specific lighting themes. RGB lights actually cover a big area on the SSD, as you can see from the pictures. They will be launched at a price of $71.99 for the 250GB version, $105.99 for the 500GB version. Pricing for the 1TB version hasn’t been announced yet.

Night Hawk RGB Legend RAM

Night Hawk RGB RAM
Source – T-Force

They also launched new RAM kits. There’s a DDR4-3200MHz kit, with CL14-14-14-31 timings. They will be RGB enabled so they retail at a slightly higher price of 250$ USD, for the (8×2) GB version. Another kit with slightly higher clocks, the DDR4-3466 kit was also launched.

T-Force Xtreem

T-Force Xtreeme RAM
T-Force Xtreeme RAM
Source – Funkykit

The new modules for the T-Force Xtreem memory lineup was also revealed. They come in 2x8GB kits, with two versions, the DDR4-4300 and the DDR4-4500, both of them are rated to run at 1.45V. The DDR4-4300 kit will set you back by $325 USD and the DDR4-4500 kit by $389 USD.

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SSDs Now Get The RGB Treatment – T-Force Unveils New Delta R RGB SSDs With Read Speeds Upto 560MB/s

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