Square Enix Registers “Symbiogenesis” as a Trademark in Japan for a Potential ‘Parasite Eve’ Revival

A trademark application for “symbiogenesis” was filed by Square Enix on October 13 and was published on 24th in Japan.

Judging by its meaning, symbiogenesis is “the merging of two separate organisms to form a single new organism.” It is the inspiration for the plot of Parasite Eve, which began as a novel in 1995 and expanded into a Square Enix-developed video game series in 1998.

Image: Square Enix

There has been no official word yet on whether or not Square Enix plans to relaunch the Parasite Eve series with a remake or brand-new instalment. In fact, in 2018, when Square Enix trademarked the name in Europe, was the last time we heard anything about the series. In addition, there was a hint that the first game in the series could have been included on Sony’s PlayStation Classic Mini before it was released.

What’s unusual this time is that the developer has been rather quiet about remaking its survival horror title, despite the fact that it has released a string of remastered games, including a thorough makeover of Final Fantasy VII, and newly released games such as FFXVI.

For a long time, fans of survival horror games have been hoping that Parasite Eve will get the Final Fantasy treatment. Given Square Enix’s success in updating the fighting and role-playing elements of Final Fantasy VII, this could be a boon for Parasite Eve as well.

Square Enix might leverage this to bring in new fans of the series who missed out on Parasite Eve at launch. After Sony‘s decision to discontinue supporting older hardware in 2011, the Playstation Store no longer offered the first two games. Because of this, it will be incredibly challenging for both new and veteran players to access the game, and they will need to own both the game discs and their previous PlayStation systems to do it. If Square Enix is searching for another title to bring back to life in the near future, Parasite Eve would be an excellent candidate for either a remake or a relaunch of the series.

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