Star Citizen Squadron 42 Single-Player Mode Shown Off in Leaked Footage

Many players have been waiting patiently for Star Citizen and the single-player Squadron 42 to release, in no small part because of the impressive roster of Hollywood’s major names it has. Investors and Band MMO players are displeased since the release date keeps getting pushed back. The main question, however, remains: “Is Star Citizen ever going to come out, and if it does, will it be too old to compete with other games?

The game has been in the works for a decade or more without any sign of completion. Despite shifting their emphasis to the single-player mode, the developers have yet to announce a release date for Squadron 42, just like they have been unable to do with Star Citizen. A similar leak involving internal review footage of the single-player mode has surfaced recently. It showcases almost nine minutes of total in-game footage.

The leaked video, which comes from an internal review, claims to reveal the current status of the game. Aside from the fact that Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are stuck in development purgatory, from what we saw in the leaks, we can all agree that the game looks absolutely stunning.

The footage shows several space stations in various surroundings, futuristic architecture, and, of course, numerous spaceships. There are also other scenes that take place on other planets in the different galaxies, and these shots often depict the natural landscape, but they sometimes show notable architecture too. In the video, there are also some known individuals appearing in the form of character models.

One thing to note here after watching the video is that the description tells us that this is “footage from last year from an internal review”. Since this footage is from the last year, we do not know how much the game has evolved since then. The game may have become much more visually appealing over time because of advancements in both its visuals and its performance. 

Cloud Imperium launched the most recent alpha version of Star Citizen in June 2022, although no release date has been specified yet.


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