Spotify’s Collaborative Playlists Like Feature Spotted on YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the spiritual successor of Google Play music, while the latter still works Google is gradually adding more and more features in YouTube music. The new music platform is not performing well despite many marketing strategies, yet it seems Google is backing up its service.

According to Androidpolice, a new feature has been spotted on the latest version (3.69) of the YouTube music application. It is actually a continuation of a leak that was spotted back in March. The leak suggested that Google is working on a collaborative playlist service for its prime music streaming platform. The new features tie-up with the leak; when you try to edit a playlist, a new button called “collaborate” appears next to the “Privacy” menu. No matter what your privacy preference is, the feature is not available yet. Whenever you try to access the functionality, a message “Navigation unavailable” appears at the bottom.

Youtube Music collaborate feature via Androidpolice

This feature has been available on YouTube for a long time. Spotify also has the Collaborate feature, which allows different users to add songs to the playlist. The name of the user who added the music in the playlist also appears beneath the song.

Now Google has pioneered the collaboration in different applications like Google Docs, which allows different users to work on the same document. If Google’s implementation of the feature turns out to be better than Spotify’s implementation, it would definitely increase the popularity of the application.


Mohsin Naeem

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