Splinter Cell Remake Director Leaves Ubisoft Putting the Future of the Franchise in Jeopardy

David Grivel, the director of the forthcoming Splinter Cell Remake, announced his departure from Ubisoft after 11 years together.

Grivel was the principal designer on Far Cry 6 and has previously worked on several Ubisoft titles. Grivel announced his retirement on social media after over a decade at Ubisoft Toronto, where he was working on the Splinter Cell Remake. There is no word on how losing the game’s director would affect the project’s development, and a replacement director has not yet been selected.

Grivel posted a notice about his leaving on his LinkedIn profile. He left Ubisoft without providing any explanation for the decision. Grivel said he would join People Can Fly Studio as their new Creative Director. The collaboration between People Can Fly Studio and Epic Games on Gears of War: Judgment and Bulletstorm is undoubtedly their most well-known work. 

After more than 11 years at Ubisoft, it is now time for me to go on a new adventure. 11 years is a long time and summing it up in one post is quasi-impossible but I must say, I’ve been lucky. Lucky to work with so many great people over the years. Made so many friends.

From Ubisoft Paris (Ghost Recon Future Soldier), to Ubisoft Toronto (Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry Primal, 5, 6 and Splinter Cell Remake), I’ve had the opportunity to work on many franchises that I love as a gamer.

And so, I want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone I worked with at Ubisoft and say “au revoir”. This is not “adieu” for ours is a small industry so I’m looking forward to our paths crossing again in the future.”

-David Grivel 

Even though it’s unclear what Grivel is currently working on at People Can Fly Studio, his post lists a considerable measure of game industry expertise. Grivel has worked on games like Far Cry Primal and Dirty Racer, so it seemed like the Splinter Cell Remake would be in good hands. Many games are being developed at Ubisoft, so maybe a new director will be recruited shortly, and the project will resume. 

The Splinter Cell video game series hasn’t seen a new installment in over ten years. Fans can only hope that the game continues to develop and is released despite the abrupt resignation of the game’s director.


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