Spintires: MudRunners American Wilds Expansion Releases October 23rd

The American Wilds expansion for the realistic off-road driving simulator Spintires: MudRunner has been given a release date. Initially announced in last month’s community update post, American Wilds for Spintires: MudRunner will be launching next month on all platforms. The new expansion pack takes players to the rough environments of the United States, and adds lots of new vehicles from numerous well-known American manufacturers.

American Wilds

The release date announcement came today alongside a teaser trailer for the expansion pack:

American Wilds is set in the United States, and features two playable maps that were inspired by Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota. The two maps, Grizzly Creek and Mount Logmore, are a rough blend of muddy roads, large rivers with strong currents, and many more dangerous obstacles.

The new sandbox maps can be experienced in a bunch of brand new vehicles that will be added in American Wilds. Vehicles from seven American brands that we are all familiar with, including Ford, Hummer, and Chevrolet, will be introduced. With the release of American Wilds, Spintires: MudRunner will have a total of over thirty vehicles, sixty add-ons, ten sandbox maps and eleven challenge maps. All new content offered in American Wilds can be played with up to three players in online multiplayer.

Developer Focus Home Interactive is also planning to release Spintires: MudRunner for the Nintendo Switch in November. The Switch version of the game will launch with all the features of the new  expansion. Additionally, a new version of the game called Spintires: MudRunner American Wilds Edition will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 23rd. This specific edition of the game will include the base game, the new expansion, as well as all previously released downloadable content. It will also be available for the Nintendo Switch once the game is released for the console in November.

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