Spigen Brings Apple’s MagSafe Charging to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Apple has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to making its products, including smartphones, as user-friendly as possible. Apple’s MagSafe technology was widely acclaimed because it quickly and reliably charged mobile devices using the powerful magnets within devices. To make wireless charging available on a wider variety of devices, Apple was working on Next-Generation Qi2 Wireless Charging.

Unfortunately, Samsung does not currently plan to utilize this technology in the near future. However, Spigen has created a one-of-a-kind gadget that makes MagSafe charging available on Samsung, without requiring any hardware modifications.

Spigen introduced the Ultra Hybrid OneTap Ring case for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra which enables the device to magnetically attach with a MagSafe charger. Keep in mind that you’ll still have to purchase the MagSafe Charger Seperately, a copy will work fine too.

If you have a Samsung S23, you can use it with any wireless charger because it supports wireless charging. The MagSafe connector is only an optional convenience that facilitates faster charging and makes the phone simpler to connect and detach from the charger. 


Ultra Hybrid OneTap Ring case for Galaxy S23 Ultra | Spigen

The cover not only provides a magnetic connection, it comes with a variety of qualities that are essential for the phone to be protected. It has a special S-Pen opening and higher edges with air cushion technology to keep the smartphone safe from damage.

Benefit of MagSafe?

When compared to standard wireless charging, MagSafe technology is merely an added convenience. When using a wireless charger, positioning your phone so that it can pick up the signals and charge itself is tricky. With MagSafe, simply placing the phone over the charger causes the two to magnetically join. In this way, you won’t have to waste time scouting for a suitable position.

Samsung must introduce fresh thinking and provide better solutions for wireless charging so that it can become more convenient. This implementation of MagSafe-like functionality in Samsung has been eagerly anticipated by the company’s customer base. Until the manufacturer integrates it officially, you can use a third-party cover like Spigen to give your phone this functionality.



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