Spider-Man Fan Adds Neversoft’s PS1 Model to the Game

It was for nearly four years that Marvel’s Spider-Man was retained as PlayStation exclusive title. From 2018 to 2022, fans of the franchise would either play the game on PS4 or demand a PC release. That is no longer the case as Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered was recently released for the PC and fans can now enjoy the web-slinging goodness along with some modding fun and one case is the PS1 mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Neversoft’s PS1 Spider-Man Makes His Way into Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Despite being available on PC now, many users still consider Spider-Man synonymous with PlayStation considering how successful it became as a Sony exclusive. With that said, it’s fitting how one fan has kept the Spider-Man PlayStation theme alive by modding the original Spider-Man from the PS1 title into Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Before this mod came to fruition, fans got to enjoy playing as Venom with a reskin mod. Then we got numerous other additions such as the Saul Goodman mod from Better Call Saul, a Stan Lee reskin using the in-game character model. And a darkly humorous one where players get to enjoy the web-swinging goodness as… Uncle Ben’s gravestone. More recently, One fan added a custom character model into the game that featured Marvel’s Daredevil.

We’ve also seen some controversial mods such as the Pride Flag mod that replaced American and Pride Flags scattered across New York with ones that showcase stars and stripes. The mod was posted by the Sockpuppet account which was quickly terminated by Nexus Mods along with the main account of the user while issuing a warning to the community.

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You can now bring the old-school retro Spider-Man PS1 model to the most modern iteration of the Spider-Man franchise. To be honest, it feels like a crossover between two different generations and makes us appreciate how far gaming and visuals have come along with the successful growth of the Spider-Man franchise.

We got to enjoy this incredible mod, thanks to the work put in by modder Crazy Potato. The mod basically is a custom reskin mod for Marvel Spider-Man that swaps out the Classic Suit in Insomniac’s game with the Spidery model from Neversoft’s 2000 PlayStation 1 game.

spider-man ps1 mod
Classic poly Spidey posing for a selfie with his detached blocky fist | Nexus Mods

The PS1 character model has been perfectly incorporated into the game with its dislocated limbs and flat outfit texture spanned across the blocky and rough polygonal body. The textures are all blurry and low resolution but that’s the beauty of the PS1 era.

A clip of Marvel’s Spider-Man mod in action was also posted by a Reddit user jjarack. The footage is pretty short and basic as it showcases the PS1 Spider-Man engaging in combat, performing a few melee and webbing attacks on the rooftops of New York City before pouncing off to sling across a few buildings and eventually landing atop one to take a sharp selfie of the jagged two-decade old character model.

For the brief run-time of the showcase, it’s still a good video because it’s pretty great to see that old PS1 era model of Neversoft’s interpretation of Peter Parker performing next-generation web-slinging tricks, fluidly performing parkour across rooftops and bashing enemies to a pulp.

This all wasn’t possible back in the day as all you could do was launch single webs in a brief time period with some jaded animations to traverse from one isolated and creepy feeling rooftop to the next.

As a kid, it was fun to play Neversoft’s Spider-Man for the PS1 but it had a really eerie feel to it, especially as a kid. Especially the menu screen with no ambiance or music. Just dead silence and the incredibly terrifying goons and enemies that looked like straight out of a horror movie paired with their deep monstrous voices.

Spider-Man PS1 imported model from SpidermanPS4

Crazy Potato’s mod is the realization of the demand and dream of fans that wanted to see the PS1 Spider-Man added to the game but didn’t have the expertise and modding capabilities to do so. Although the suit looks good most of the time, Crazy Potato stated that the mod is not perfect.

The suit can sometimes glitch out and turn blue permanently for the in-game duration. But this can be fixed by merely fast-traveling or loading back to your last save game. While this does sound kind of tedious and disrupts the ongoing gameplay, the modder claims that they’re working on a fix for the mod and they want to roll it out as soon as possible.

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It’s hard to say if we’ll ever get to play a new Neversoft interpretation of a Spider-Man game later down the line. Although, there are lots of Spider-Man suits in the new game, which highlight previous iterations of Peter Parker. The game draws a line to the suits they incorporate into the game.

This is because Sony currently owns the rights to make Spider-Man games, and Neversoft’s title was published by Activision, which is soon to be acquired by Microsoft. The number of parties and entities that would need to be involved to make the Neversoft PS1 suit to be officially included in the game would have never been worthwhile for Sony, which is also why we might not get to see a remaster of the original PS1 Spider-Man game any time soon.

spider-man ps1 mod
Classic PS1 Poly Spidey leaping past the skies of New York City | Nexus Mods

Despite the sheer number of hurdles, fans won’t stop hoping for the game to be remastered one day as it carries some deep memories for fans whether they be nostalgic or nightmarish. The game is pretty outdated considering today’s standards given the sheer bar set by Insomniac’s latest additions to the franchise.

Still, Neversoft’s Spider-Man remains as a beloved entry into the franchise as fans got to experience Spider-Man in 3D for the first time. Considering all of this, it’s no wonder that fans have been anticipating a modern representation of the classic Spidey game in one way or another.

And that’s pretty much it for today on Appuals. Do you like the PS1 Spider-Man character model or is it a bit too outdated for your tastes? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!

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