Initial Images of Spider-Man PC Leaked 1 Week Prior to Release

Back in June, Sony announced Spider-Man for the PC market. This was indeed a major shock to everyone because Sony only seldomly makes its exclusives available for other platforms as was the case with God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn

The game was originally released for the Playstation platform back in 2018 and since then it has been making headlines. The PC version is planned for release on the 13th of August, which is almost a week from now. 

Not much information except for the hardware requirements and supported features was given. However, Reddit user u/TheHeeper55 shared some ‘internal’ and ‘leaked’ screenshots from the upcoming Spider-Man PC port. The reddit post actually sourced from a now deleter twitter post.

Multiple high-res photos were captured where the user is supposedly running Spider-Man on an RTX-GPU powered system. The monitor seems to one from AOC’s lineup running on an ultra-wide preset, which is officially supported by this game. NVIDIA’s AI fed DLSS and DLAA are also among the supported features, you can read more about them here.

Screenshot showing the system used

Another picture shows us what seems to be NVIDIA’s RTX in action. Yes! This game supports RTX, although only on -20 or -30 series GPUs and a select number of SKUs from AMD. The refelections are indeed amazing, giving us a majestic view of the city. 

Screenshots showing possible RTX effects

One of the images shows us the available key-binding options in this game. As expected, the game will have full support for keyboard and mouse.

Marvel’s Spider Man Leaked Screenshot

These screenshots have arrived almost 1 week before the actual release date giving us a glimpse of what to expect from Sony’s masterpiece, this time on PC. Personally, the settings used seem to be at the lower-mid side of things. Expect a massive improvement at higher settings.

Do note that this game does need a beefy PC boasting demanding requirements of an RTX 3080 paired with Intel’s i7-12700K for decent 4K performance, although with ray tracing. Sony has been decent with its PC ports so far in terms of optimzation, it is hoped that the same pattern can be followed by this remaster.

Spider Man Requirements

The game will be launched on Steam and the Epic Games Launcher having a base price of $59.99 (Preorder). 

Sony does seem interested in the PC community nowadays with more and more games from their catalog being launched for this platform. Sadly, this does not mean that newer releases will automatically come for PC because Sony’s main priority is its Playstation console. Spicing things up, the next iteration from this series has been announced for the PS5, where the game is set to arrive in 2023.


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