Speculations Claim S21 Ultra To Include WQHD 120Hz Panel, 108 MP HM3 Image Sensor and More

According to reports, we may see the next generation of the Galaxy S lineup in the coming months. They did say that a January 20th date is expected but Samsung may just push forward for an earlier date. But that isn’t the point of today’s top news. While we have hot takes on the regular editions of the Galaxy S21 phones, the Ultra is the one to look out for. This overpowered beast would set the right benchmark for all the flagships to come out after this. According to a tweet from Ice Universe, we get more insight into this.

Now, there are a bunch of things highlighted on the post. These are mainly the display, the charging, the camera and well, the display once again.

What May The S21 Ultra Hold?

According to the tweet, we see that the device would have support for WQHD display with a high, 120Hz, refresh rate. Now, in the past, Samsung has always restricted the refresh rate to 1080p resolution instead. The tweet adds the LTPO option which is a good option for battery savings which would be needed for the high refresh rate and high-resolution panels on the S21 Ultra. For the bezels too, they claim that there would be equal (well, almost) bezels all around the device. This has been a concern from users in the past.

As for the camera, the device would have the latest ISOCELL HM3 sensors from Samsung. This sensor is a 108MP sensor like before but it would offer bigger pixels. It would most certainly perform well in lower light conditions and linked with the latest SD875 found on the device, it would offer great image processing.

Lastly, we talk about charging. Since it will be a big phone and Samsung ma equip it with a huge battery to compensate for the display and 5G, we would see an even faster charging rate. This would be rated at 45W. There is no information on the wireless charging end though. It may just make its way, unchanged, from the previous models.

Sarmad Burki
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