SparkyLinux 5.5-dev20180726 ISO Change Sneak Preview Images Released

SparkyLinux has just released new testing images of its SparkyLinux 5.5-dev20180726, the version based upon the Debian testing of “Buster.” The images released provide users a sneak peak into the updates and changes to expect from the upcoming release of the operating system.

SparkyLinux is the GNU Linux distribution created atop the Debian distribution. It is a quick and lightweight fully customizable operating system created around the Openbox window manager. The operating system comes in different varieties that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of different kinds of users of the product such as developers, entrepreneurs, and students.

According to the change log on the product’s website, SparkyLinux 5.5-dev20180726 comes with a Debian testing repos system update as of July 26, 2019. It comes in the Linux kernel 4.17.8 as well as the kernel version 4.17.10 except that the latter is not considered to be a stable version of the operating system. Note that the older Linux kernel version 4.16.12 is still available for users who may face any difficulty with the latest one or may choose to opt out of the kernel upgrade.

The update brings support for the btrfs and the xfs file systems in the advanced installer. When installing on btrfs installs in the system, users can choose the @home sub volume which creates a separate partition for home as well. The partition allows users to create recovery point snapshots of the systems and partitions so that the system can be recovered from the saved state at a later stage.

A new TimeShift tool has been added to facilitate this recovery from a restore point process. A new deb package local drive installer tool, DEBiTool is set to replace its predecessor the GDebi. In addition to this, the update brings enhanced configuration of removing live packages in the advanced installer. Sudo package is not removed now if the Sparky update is installed using minimalcli iso image.

By default, the update installs using the 4.17.x Linux kernel, but if you wish to apply it on an earlier Linux kernel, you can change the live boot list to read ‘vmlinuz416’ where is says ‘vmlinuz’ and ‘initrd416.img’ where it says ‘initrd.imr,’ respectively. The iso images released provide insight into these changes we expect to see in the upcoming release of SparkyLinux.

Aaron Michael
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