SpaceX to Build $43 Million Facility in Texas, Could be its Newest HQ

In Texas, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) intends to construct a sizable facility as it intensifies testing of the Starship next-generation launch vehicle platform.

SpaceX’s Speculated Texas Facility Might Serve to be the Company’s Headquarters

The designs were discovered by a community of real estate builders in Texas, and they reveal a complex that is 521,521 square feet in size and would cost an estimated $43 million to create. According to the data in the study from Sierra Azul Partners, a file submitted to the Texas regulatory authorities on August 31st is most likely to have come from SpaceX. The building’s owner, “Deven Dreyer,” is listed with the location “1 Rocket Rock McGregor, Texas 76657,” which is also the location of SpaceX’s testing facility for its Merlin 1D and Raptor 2 engines for Starship.

SpaceX’s Texas Launch Facility | image: Getty Images

There are several intriguing alternatives for the new facility, given the price, the location, and the significant future role Texas will play for SpaceX. Sierra Azul’s request for a response was not answered by SpaceX or the architecture company identified for the project. According to estimates, the project will begin in October and finish in July 2023.

Obscurely, the document also refers to the scope of work as a “Shell Building,” which is only a word that describes a building’s outside construction without elaborating on its inside plan. These specifics may change depending on how a building will be used.

It was also reported last month that SpaceX had decided to recruit technicians to double its space launches. The job openings were issued to increase SpaceX’s launch crew and let the business launch twice as many rockets from its West Coast facilities, including the company’s launch and landing pads at the Vandenberg Space Force complex. It shows SpaceX’s determination to dominate the industry through rapid advancements.

Finally, since SpaceX’s CEO, Mr. Elon Musk, and its president and chief operating officer, Ms. Gwynne Shotwell, have moved to Texas, the state may house the company’s future headquarters. Musk intends to launch hundreds of Starships from Texas, so having his corporate offices nearby would be a compelling reason for future relocation.


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