SpaceX to Recruit Technicians in an Effort to Double its Space Launches

Despite launching the most Falcon 9 flights ever this year, SpaceX plans to drastically increase its launch frequency from the American West Coast. This information was obtained from the manager of Falcon 9 operations at SpaceX, who was looking for new hires for the company’s West Coast launch facilities.

The job postings were made to expand SpaceX’s launch crew and enable it to launch twice as many rockets from Vandenberg from its West Coast facilities, which include the company’s launch and landing pads at the Vandenberg Space Force facility.

Image: Steven Cameron/LinkedIn

This is true even though SpaceX launched three missions from California last year and intends to launch seven more this year, roughly increasing the number of flights from the state as a result of this year’s aggressive schedule.

To launch yet another set of Starlink satellites, SpaceX will also conduct its subsequent launch from Vandenberg. The KSC(Kennedy Space Center) has also served as the launch site for all of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy missions, and when Starship is put into service, the company will stop using the Falcon 9 rocket.


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