SpaceX’s Rocket Carrying NASA Astronauts Collides With A Bridge.

When its trailer truck attempted to travel under a bridge with insufficient ground clearance, a SpaceX rocket that was headed for the company’s facilities in Hawthorne, California, crashed. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) uses the company’s Falcon 9 rocket for agency crew and cargo missions to the International Space Station (ISS).

The above said rocket was designed to transport NASA astronauts to the orbiting space laboratory as part of the agency’s Crew-5 mission. In a blog post, NASA acknowledged the incident but withheld further information, which afterwards circulated on the social networking site Twitter.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket had design constraints | Image: SpaceX

This time, a tragic mishap occurred as the Falcon 9 rocket was travelling from McGregor to Hawthorne. During its journey, the rocket allegedly collided with a bridge on a Texas highway, according to a NASA Spaceflight journalist on Twitter. Due to transportation restrictions, the width of SpaceX’s rockets is constrained, therefore one key factor in the company’s decision to test the more recent Starship in Texas is the ease with which it can transfer the necessary hardware from its manufacturing and testing facilities to the launch pad.

According to NASA:

SpaceX is removing and replacing the rocket’s interstage and some onboard instrumentation after the hardware was damaged during transport from SpaceX’s production factory in Hawthorne, California, to the company’s McGregor test facility in Texas for stage testing. SpaceX teams completed – and NASA teams reviewed – load, shock, and structural analyses, coupled with detailed and X-ray inspections, to verify the damage was isolated to the interstage and ensure the integrity of the rest of the booster.

After all replacement hardware is installed, the booster will undergo stage testing and be further assessed prior to acceptance and certification for flight.”

Crew 5 will take over for Crew 4, and according to NASA’s blog post, the damage was restricted to the portion of the rocket between its booster and the spacecraft. It also stated that SpaceX and NASA inspected the vehicle to ensure that no other areas were harmed. For the first time since the Dragon carried astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley to the station in 2020, the Crew 5 crew will launch on the Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon in late September at the earliest.

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