Sources Confirm the Mate 40 to Support Kirin 1020 on 5nm Process: The Chip Can be 50% Faster than The 990

When it comes to the top Android phone manufacturing competition, it is Huawei and Samsung that fight for the crown. Both these Asian smartphones giants produce excellent devices, flagships for the market all around. Currently, the Huawei flagship, Mate 30 lineup, runs the Kirin 990 processor, based on a 7nm architecture and ARM’s Cortex A-76 Cores.

The Mate 30 supported a Kirin 990 Chip with Cortex A-76 Cores

The company was criticized by many for opting to go the A-76 route, which at the time, was dated by the A-77. For its next iteration though, the company has something else in mind. According to a source, GizChina, PhoneArena quotes that the upcoming Huawei flagship would have something big. According to the article, the company will be releasing its Mate 40 lineup in the coming year. In that, the processor of choice would be the Kirin 1020. The article states that this would be based on a 5nm process. Not only that but, it would also feature ARM’s latest A-78 Cores at the time. The report suggests that Huawei believes this would be a revolutionary chip. While it won’t really be a competition for the A14 chip from Apple, it may take a hit on the Snapdragon 865.

Apple could be the first company to fit in a 5nm chip in its upcoming devices. Huawei would be the close second in that case. Meanwhile, the Samsung flagships are set to feature the Snapdragon 865. This would make this chip outdated since the former are based on the 5nm process. This means they have more transistors per sq mm and can draw more power. They are power efficient as well. Comparing it with the previous generation, the company believes that the Kirin1020 would be leaps ahead of the 990. Making a huge claim that the new chip would be about 50% faster than the older one.

What does this Imply?

While these claims are good to play around with, one must look at all the implications. Firstly, Qualcomm would have to kick in its heavy gear if it wants to catch up with the competition. The Snapdragon 875 might be based on a 5nm process but by then, companies like Samsung, Huawei would be working on the next generation (3nm) chips (Although, node size comparisons can be misleading, benchmark and efficiency numbers should be a reliable indicator). Secondly, does this mean we may see Huawei be the leading TSMC customer? This may just be true since the company continues to grow throughout the world and this new chip may make its device a benchmark of performance in the Android world.

Another thought comes to mind as well. Considering the Samsung Huawei rivalry in this context. Since Google has ended major support for Huawei devices and the US is being “walls up” with the company, Samsung may always have the edge on the devices. But then again, these are all but assumptions.

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Sources Confirm the Mate 40 to Support Kirin 1020 on 5nm Process: The Chip Can be 50% Faster than The 990

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