Soon Skipping YouTube Ads Will No Longer Be An Option

YouTube Moving Away from TrueView

Update: Christopher Lawton from YouTube PR confirmed to us that YouTube isn’t moving away from TrueView. Both TrueView and unskippable ads would run parallel.

Original Story: Viewers will not be able to skip YouTube adverts in the near future.  According to a new report, YouTube is giving creators the option to enable unskippable ads in addition to TrueView ads which means watching ads at the beginning or in the middle of the video would become mandatory to continue for some videos.

If you have recently come across such ads than you are not alone. YouTube is slowly raising the number of unskippable ads which will help boost the platform’s revenue and as result, boost the creator’s revenue as well.  YouTube is now allowing some creators to choose between skippable and unskippable adverts.  YouTube posted a video on its insider program titled “Want To Earn More Money From Ad Revenue?”

The video described how creators can make more money from unskippable ads. This option will soon be widely available on YouTube, however, previously only a select few had access to it.

Depending on the user’s location these ads will be 15 to 20 seconds long. However, I have come across an ad recently that was 1.23 min in length.

YouTube is a video streaming platform that runs on ads. Over the past few years, the company started a crackdown of non-ad friendly content after many ad partners left the company. This caused revenue to significantly drop and this feels like a move to recover and create a more stable stream of revenue for the future.

In the video, they explained how creators can make more money from unskippable ads. YouTube advert partners pay more money for such ads which means not only the creator but YouTube will generate more money as well.

However, there needs to be proper testing before a widespread rollout. Data shows that users often click away from videos before the ad is finished.

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