Sony & Xbox Going Head to Head with Announcements: Sony May Announce A Next Generation of God of War Title for 2021

Xbox just had its gaming showcase and while the two rivals (Xbox and PlayStation) have been neck and neck, there hasn’t been anything “mindblowing” from either side. The thing we’re looking at is that both the companies are holding back till the launch. They want to hold back until the right moment to make sure they steal the sales. Now, as mentioned before, Xbox just had its showcase and apart from titles like Forza, there wasn’t really much special to look forward to. Yes, there are titles with epic graphic capabilities but then, they aren’t THAT great.

What has Sony In-Store?

Now, in a video from Moore’s Law is Dead, the YouTuber explains how he has an inside source giving him important and mindblowing information on what to expect next. He talks about a plethora of things like Xbox Series S, PS5 architecture, expected games and so on. The thing that strings us along is one announcement, according to him, Sony is going to make very soon. He claims that the company would make this announcement in the coming month. According to him, Sony would be announcing a completely new God of War title for the year 2021. It has been 2 years since the last God of War came out and it was a huge makeover over the previous title.

Now, we do not know much about how the game would be like but the YouTuber claimed that this would be the defining title for the PS5. It would show, with its true to life graphics, that it is a truly next-generation title. He also claimed that this wouldn’t be coming out with the PS5 launch. Instead, it is rumoured to come out in the Fall of 2021. This would give them time to understand the limitations of the console and actually make a great title.

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Sony & Xbox Going Head to Head with Announcements: Sony May Announce A Next Generation of God of War Title for 2021

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