Sony Interested in Acquiring Square Enix

The ever-growing videogame industry has gradually accelerated the trend of studio acquisitions. Microsoft pioneered the trend by acquiring developers/publishers like Activision and Bethesda, and other businesses did not want to fall behind. 

Naturally, Sony, Xbox’s primary rival, has been concentrating on acquisitions for the long-term success of PlayStation. Sony recently closed its own buyout of Bungie and, now, interesting information from a recent interview suggests that Sony may be targeting Square Enix.

This information was obtained from a interview. Founder of Eidos-Montréal
 Stephane D’Astous was recently featured in an interview on the website. The company has contributed to several well-known games, including Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and a series of Deux Ex.

The developer discussed several specifics about his experience at the firm and commented on the interest of Sony in the acquisition:

And there are rumors, obviously, that with all these activities of mergers and acquisitions, Sony would really like to have Square Enix within their wheelhouse. I heard rumors that Sony said they’re really interested in Square Enix Tokyo, but not the rest”

Additionally, Square Enix and Sony have an extremely strong partnership. Recently released titles like Final Fantasy 7 Remake are currently PlayStation-only. Square Enix has previously released timed-exclusive PlayStation console games like Nier Automata. The eagerly awaited Final Fantasy 16 is also a limited-time PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Eidos’ statement is consistent with previous speculations about Sony’s plans, although it’s unclear how much insider knowledge is involved or whether he believes Sony is still interested.


Muhammad Zuhair

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