Sony Says It Will Have 10 Live-Service Games By March 2026 in Latest Earnings Call

After the recent acquisition of Destiny-developer Bungie, Sony is sitting comfortably with plans to expand into the live-service genre of gaming in the coming years. PlayStation has been largely focused on providing world-class first-player experiences where it has seen monumental success, but it’s time that the company also starts to pay attention to multiplayer titles.

At today’s Q3 earnings call, Sony went out on a limb and said that they are planning to have 10 live-service games by the end of Q1 2026, so about 4 years from now. Live-service games follow the “Games-as-a-Service” (GaaS) model where a game is monetized for the long-run. Developers frequently update the game and maintain it for years instead of moving on to a sequel. Destiny is a prime example of this.

The strategic significance of this acquisition lies not only in obtaining the highly successful Destiny franchise, as well as major new IP Bungie is currently developing, but also incorporating into the Sony group the expertise and technologies Bungie has developed in the live game services space. Through close collaboration between Bungie and PlayStation Studios we aim to launch more than 10 live service games by the fiscal year ending March 2026. –  Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki

This is obviously a hugely ambitious endeavor, one that will certainly be hard to pull off. Ten big multiplayer games in just 4 years seems a bit too ambitious but with Bungie behind their back and more acquisitions to follow, it’s something that could be possible. PlayStation’s goal here is to compete with large games like Fortnite and Minecraft that have evolved beyond just a game and have transformed into social worlds.

Even one game on that stature can bolster Sony’s gaming lineup and take it to almost unparalleled heights. This is the only front where Sony has lagged behind compared to its rivals and with Microsoft‘s big move of acquiring Activision Blizzard, there is no better time for Sony to start yearning for a few live service games of its own.

The Microsoft and Activision Blizzard logos. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

Bungie’s new massive IP that’s been in development for years at this point is said to come out in 2025 so that will definitely count towards the ten games Sony’s hoping to launch before March 2026. Naughty Dog‘s long-rumored Last Of Us standalone multiplayer game is also being reportedly worked on as we speak. Moreover, Guerilla Games, the studio behind Horizon: Zero Dawn, have also hired for roles related to online games, hinting at a project early in development. Even more so, London Studio is also working on an online game for the PS5 that was just announced last week.

Underwhelming sales

Apart from this news, as usual, Sony also provided the sales numbers for PS5 consoles with global shipments now reaching a total of 17.3 million units to date. That is considerably lower than what the PS4 sold in the same time frame at 20.2 million units. Of course, the PS4 didn’t have to deal with the worse supply chain constrains and chip shortage in history, but it’s still something to note.

Sales are expected to be lower than the October forecast due to an expected decrease in PlayStation 5 hardware unit sales, primarily due to shortages in the supply of components, especially semiconductors. Operating income is expected to be higher than the October forecast due to an expected decrease in selling, general and administrative expenses. – Excerpt from Quarterly Financial Statements

These sales numbers are lower than what Sony anticipated. So much so that Sony had to revise its full-year forecast for total sales of the PlayStation 5 to just 11.5 million units. Originally, this number was set at 14.5 million units. By the end of this quarter, Sony now expects to ship 19.3 million units compared to the 22.5 million units they had initially hoped for. These numbers can go up or down depending on the mercy or torment of the current global conditions, so it’s best to take them as just mere predictions.

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Sony Says It Will Have 10 Live-Service Games By March 2026 in Latest Earnings Call

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