Sony Could Be Working on a ‘PlayStation PC launcher’ for Future Releases

Sony has done a complete 180 from the PS4 days, where all in-house studio games were strictly exclusive like God of War, Last of Us, Uncharted and many more. Now the Japanese conglomerate is hard at work, releasing many of these same games on PC. Sony recently released Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered on PC, and within the game files, there were some references of a PlayStation PC Launcher. 

PlayStation games running on a console need access to a PSN account, but the same games on PC don’t have any sort of PlayStation integration. Spider-Man’s game files however have multiple references of “PSNAccountLinked” and “PSNLinkingEntitlements“. Most Likely Sony is prepping for some sort of a PlayStation Network on PC, which could also be a accompanied by a PlayStation launcher. 

Sony Earnings Announcements

Sony, so far is extremely happy with the response on PC. The company forecasts its PC sales will more than double in the next fiscal year, to $300 million. Right now, the company relies on the Steam and Epic storefronts for distribution on PC.

Usually these storefronts take a revenue cut for every title published, so even at a 12 percent fee, Sony could be losing as much as $36 million from the next fiscal year to these platforms. At some point it would make sense for Sony to launch PlayStation Network on PC with its own launcher and sell their games directly.

Microsoft does something similar where they have the Xbox launcher on PC, but they also sell their games on Steam and other storefronts. A Sony PlayStation launcher on PC could enable many interesting prospects, such as cross-play across platforms, and even cross-purchasing between PC and consoles. 


Indranil Chowdhury

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