PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlett Will Get Game Console Optimized Primary Storage Solutions, Hints Samsung While Mentioning New Gaming NVMe SSD

Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Scarlett, the two most eagerly awaited high-end gaming consoles, are expected to pack optimized storage solutions, allowing faster booting and shorter game launch times. Interestingly, the primary supplier of heavily game and gaming optimized storage solutions is most likely Samsung.

Samsung clearly implied that its new lineup of NVMe SSD could be the main drive within the PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Scarlett. The South Korean tech giant did not explicitly mention that its upcoming miniaturized Sold State Drive will be used in the high-end game consoles. However, based on the slides that Samsung presented at the recently held Samsung SSD Forum 2019, the company definitively implied the use of next-gen NVMe SSD for gaming.

Samsung Solid State Storage Solutions To Power Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Scarlett Gaming Consoles:

Sony as well Microsoft are currently deep in the development of the next-gen gaming consoles. These high-end products are expected to have top-shelve components. Both the companies have been fiercely protective about specifications and features of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. However, quite a few details about the eagerly awaited consoles have continued to trickle out. The latest information could be an inference, but based on the reports, it appears credible and plausible.

Sony as well as Microsoft have regularly highlighted how their upcoming gaming consoles will reduce load times a lot. Neither of the companies has openly shared or discussed how they plan to achieve the same. But as primary boot and load times are directly dependent on the onboard storage solutions, it is quite apparent that Sony and Microsoft have deployed next-gen Solid State storage solutions to cut down on load times. Moreover, it seems like Samsung is working with the console manufacturers to achieve their goals of offering faster boot and game loading.

Speaking about the company’s next-gen storage solutions at the Samsung SSD Forum 2019, Senior Managing Director, Product Planning Team, Memory Electronics Division Han Jinman mentioned the NVMe SSD. He categorically mentioned how optimized NVMe SSD will reduce both system booting times and loading times, This statement essentially confirms that Samsung-made NVMe SSDs would be installed in both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Scarlett.

In addition to the SSDs optimized for game consoles, the next-gen Samsung NVMe SSDs would also be a good choice for personal computers. Interestingly, these same SSDs would also suite consumer game consoles. Modern-day SSDs, especially the ones that have NGFF compatibility, are faster than traditional SSDs that connect through the SATA port. Although few desktop motherboards today offer the connectivity for these SSDs, the number should rapidly increase as the NVMe SSDs become commonly available and prices drop.

An SSD is much faster and becoming increasingly more reliable than the traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). SSDs are invariably the most important component besides a CPU and a dedicated graphics card for gamers and multimedia editing professionals. Gamers who still use HDDs often experience a mismatch between in-game sounds and visuals owing to lag and the bottleneck of HDDs.

Both Sony and Microsoft have to officially comment on the alleged revelation by Samsung. However, several professional gamers claim the companies could soon make an official announcement. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett have received an official launch month, but the companies haven’t yet confirmed the date.

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