Sony Opens Pre-Orders For Its New Flagship 4K Android TV Lineup With Chromecast Built In

Doesn't come cheap

Sony commands a very respectable position in  entertainment appliances, be it music systems, television sets or even the Playstation consoles. When it comes to televisions, Sony has always pushed boundaries, their Bravia image processors were very famous and were even used in their flagship phone lineups.

Sony introduced their new image processor, the X1 ultimate at CES 2018  and it actually powers the ZF9 and the AF9 televisions in their high end “Master Series” lineup. The ZF9 and AF9 have been up for pre-order recently.

Model AF9

Model AF9
Source – Rozetked

This model will come in two varients, 55 and 65 inches. Both of them will have a 4K OLED panel, with a 3.2-channel audio system “Acoustic Surface Audio”.

Model ZF9

Model ZF9
Source – Rozetked

It will come in 65 and 75 inch varients, with a 4K X-Wide LCD panel.

Both the models will actually be compatible with many well known formats such as HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG HDR. For the Netflix buffs out there, there’s a separate Netflix calibrated mode which works with the built-in Netflix app.

Even if you don’t have 4K content, the X1 ultimate processor will upscale your content quite well which Sony terms it as “Dual Database processing”. These TVs are also the first from Sony which will auto-calibrate for users and it was developed with Portrait Displays/Spectra Cal.

As mentioned, the model ZF9 comes with something called a X-Wide display, which uses a new optical panel design and this will actually help in eliminating the angle constraint, and you wouldn’t have to sit right in front to enjoy the best image quality.

Apart from these Sony has put a lot of tech in these TVs like X-Motion and Object-based Super Resolution, which is expected since they are flagship products. Although they aren’t cheap, starting at $4,500 USD for the 55-inch A9F and $5,500 USD for the 65-inch A9F. The 65-inch Z9F will start at $4,500 and the 75-inch one at $7000 USD. You can pre-order them here.


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