Sony Mistakenly Uploaded an Entire Movie on Youtube instead of its Trailer

The video stayed up on Youtube for hours and clocked 11,000 views.

Sony Pictures Entertainment planned to release the promotional trailer of its limited release film ‘Khali the killer’ on Youtube. Apparently, though, the entertainment giant mistakenly released the entire film instead of the trailer on the platform.


The complete film, which is one hour and thirty minutes long, stayed on Youtube for six hours before Sony realized its mistake and took it down. The video clocked 11,000 views before being taken down.

‘Khali the killer’ is a violent crime drama, already released on DVD in 2017. The film recieved farily low ratings on iMDB, rated at 3.8/10. The film was not completely unavailable before it was mistakenly posted on Youtube. However, the film hasn’t been released in theatres yet, and that is scheduled to happen in the coming months.

Discussion About The Leak

Internet trolls on Reddit and Twitter did not miss the opportunity to make fun of Sony for this blunder. The mistake even earned Sony a highly upvoted Reddit thread, where people were busy making jokes and wondering how something like this could happen.

Among the most upvoted comments on the thread was “Another trailer that spoils the whole film” by Redditor GeraltForOverwatch. Others got to wondering how such a mistake could be made. A skeptic commented, “Yeah, sure, he accidentally posted a video of 12 GB instead of 500 MB.”  A theory on Reddit about the incident was that Sony made this move intentionally as a promotional stunt. Well, the story is making headlines and giving the movie a lot of attention.

However, others are doubtful that Sony would risk its public reputation regarding digital security for such a stunt. After all, Sony has not done well with security in recent times. It was only four years ago that the Sony Pictures hack exposed thousands of employee social security numbers, emails, and more.

The most probable explanation for the mistake was given by Samuel Axon on ArsTechnica. The author claimed that “It could have been as simple as a young, entry-level digital producer accidentally copying and pasting the wrong video ID number from the company’s internal repository of video files into a proprietary publishing tool that bulk-publishes several videos in a daily push via the YouTube Data API and the equivalents on other platforms.”

While this certainly sounds possible, it is all just speculation. Sony has not released a statement on the issue yet. Meanwhile, Reddit and Twitter are having a field day speculating about the incident.

Nishant Kauntia
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