Sony Locks Fortnite Player’s Accounts From Working On Other Platforms

So, Fortnite has been released on the Nintendo Switch and fans are thrilled. Only hours ago, it was announced on Twitter that the Switch version of the massively popular game has been downloaded over 2 million times.  This is, of course, compounded by the fact that the Switch version went live yesterday at noon.  The Switch version was released to also be able to support cross-platform play, so people who wanted to play with friends with different consoles could play together.  With this release being such a massive success, it’s no wonder people are starting to notice something disturbing happening when they try to login to their account of the Switch after playing on the PS4.

What’s happening?  Players are getting this message when they try to link their Fortnite account to play on Switch.

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What this means is that if you’ve been playing Fortnite on the PS4 and now want to test the game out on your Switch, too bad.  The only way for you to play Fortnite on the Switch if your account is linked to a PS4 is to create a new account.  Thus stripping you of all progress, in-game items, items you might have purchased, and sticking you right back at square one.

This goes the other way also.  If you made an account for the switch and then want to play on the PS4, you’re outta luck.  This is Sony being incredibly protective of itself by not allowing cross-platform play.  They did the same thing regarding Rocket League months back.  Every other console, including Nintendo Switch and the PC, were willing to have Rocket League be cross-platform so people with different consoles could play together.  The only one who wasn’t good with that plan was Sony and thus, Rocket League and now Fortnite can only be played with people playing on the PS4. Worse, you can’t move your account that you’ve put time and possibly money into.

As of writing, Sony has not responded to a large number of people wanting an explanation.  They have stayed completely silent, going on like normal. Hopefully, we will get a statement soon, although it is doubtful they’ll have a good excuse.  Let’s face it, this isn’t the first time Sony has pulled a stunt like this and they haven’t learned their lesson yet.  Between this, Rocket League being denied cross-platform play, and the not allowing mods for Bethesda’s Skyrim and Fallout 4, Sony has been really getting it wrong on certain issues when it comes to playing nice with other consoles.

Indranil Chowdhury
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Sony Locks Fortnite Player’s Accounts From Working On Other Platforms

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