Sony To Limit PS5 Purchasing at Launch: Each User Entitled To Only One Console

While both the major players of the console world are prepping for a huge launch in the next couple of months, we see certain changes. These changes pertain to the production lines of each. We first saw Xbox actually stopping the production for the existing all digital and Xbox One X models from its lineup. Now, we see Sony making certain changes as well.

Currently, we know almost everything when it comes to the specs of the PlayStation 5. We know that it would be powered by an AMD Zen 2 architecture platform. We also got the entire look at the console itself which managed to get mixed reviews altogether. One thing is for sure though, Sony managed to get an actually futuristic-looking console. Now, we look at Sony’s take at meeting the production according to demand is that the company would be increasing the production potential by about 50 percent. Then, we look at an article from

Sony’s Take to Meet The Demand

In the article, we learn that Sony would be putting a limit for pre-orders or even orders at the time of launch. This means that each and every person would only be entitled to one console. They would do this by putting up a restriction to the shopping cart which would limit the purchase and maintain a more equitable share for all. Not to mention, this restriction would extend to both the Disk and Digital versions. Users may only be able to choose between the two. Now, we believe they would make sure of this by the credit card used and therefore people with multiple cards may be able to get their hands on multiple consoles. But, as a whole, this would definitely prevent people from selling consoles in black in large quantities if the company meets the demand.

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Sony To Limit PS5 Purchasing at Launch: Each User Entitled To Only One Console

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