Sony’s $200 DualSense Edge May Be the Key to Propel Sony Past Xbox

Sony wants to improve upon the controller experience, but they had to ask themselves how they can improve on the highly appreciated original DualSense. The simple answer they found was that “you don’t,” and this is evident in the photographs of the new DualSense Edge, which show Sony taking a largely additive approach.

Image: The Verge

The DualSense Edge, Sony’s next premium controller, has had more information disclosed about it, including first-hand accounts from members of the company’s product design team and communications manager Tim Turi. Now that Sony appears to be addressing the long-standing lack of a first-party controller for “professionals” and those seeking a deeper ergonomic experience, Xbox may have reason to be concerned.

From the front, the DualSense Edge looks quite similar to a standard DualSense, with the exception of its black touchpad in place of the standard white one. So, it’s evident that the controller will have a very similar feel in the hand to the regular DualSense, which is the same ‘additive’ approach we discussed previously. Additionally, there is a little toggle located under each thumbstick. These allow you to quickly change settings like volume, mic input, and button profile without having to dig through menus.

On the back, you’ll find two more buttons by default; you may swap them out for others, of course. These, along with a number of other controller buttons, will be remappable, giving you a more tailored control scheme for games that prioritize particular inputs. Incredible, too, are the switches that let you adjust the triggers’ travel distance, making it easier to fire while still benefiting from the DualSense’s haptic feedback and trigger tension.

Variable Trigger Control | The Verge

Although this controller has numerous advantages, the ability to swap out the analog stick modules without having to buy a new one or take it apart entirely seems to be the most appealing. However, Sony confirmed to The Verge that the DualSense Edge’s battery life will be “moderately shorter” than that of the original DualSense controller since it has “many more functionalities within the same form factor and ergonomic design.”

According to Sony’s spokesperson:

The DualSense Edge wireless controller’s operating time is moderately shorter than the original DualSense wireless controller because we’ve included many more features within the same form factor and ergonomic design as the original DualSense controller.

We wanted to strike a good balance between wireless operating time and delivering robust, high-performance features. Additionally, the longer USB braided cable is also great for competitive players who prefer playing with a wired connection to avoid wireless interference – this option preserves battery life.”

DualSense Edge will launch globally on January 26, 2023, and will be available to purchase from retailers from Feburary 23, 2023. The price of the controller is a hefty $199.99 in the United States, €239.99 in Europe, and £209.99 in the United Kingdom.



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