Microsoft’s Legal Team Confuses Superman with Spider-Man in Latest Activision-Blizzard Buyout Document

For several months now, the news has been filled with stories about the ongoing drama surrounding the multi-billion-dollar buyout of Activision Blizzard. This acquisition has captured the attention of the gaming industry, as both Microsoft and Sony have been vying for control of one of the most popular and profitable industries in the world.

Is Sony Actually Developing a Superman Exclusive?

In a recent legal document published by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, Microsoft’s legal team made a typo that has caused a bit of confusion among PlayStation fans. They claimed that Sony is developing a Superman game exclusively for the PS5, when in fact it is more likely they meant to refer to the Marvel’s Spider-Man game developed by Insomniac Games.

The error appeared in section 2.20 of “Microsoft’s response to the CMA’s Provisional Findings.” The legal team’s argument was that there is no evidence that a single franchise can drive console sales, citing Call of Duty as an example.

This has been a key point of contention for regulators, as there are worries that if Xbox were to make the series exclusive, it would significantly harm PlayStation’s ability to compete.

It’s worth noting that the mistake was likely just a simple typo, as “Spider-Man” is referenced three times in the document, while “Superman” is mentioned only once. Nevertheless, the error has caused some confusion among PlayStation fans who were hoping for a new Superman game.

The fact is that there is no exclusive Superman game in the works for the PS5 or any other console. However, PlayStation does have a number of other popular exclusive titles, including the God of War series.

The Activision-Blizzard Final Decision

As for the battle between Sony and Microsoft over the Activision acquisition, the regulators in the UK and Europe are set to make a final decision on the deal in a little over a month’s time. Microsoft has been busy signing contracts with various competitors to secure Call of Duty for the next ten years, while Sony has refused to sign thus far.

The battle between Sony and Microsoft over the Activision acquisition is ongoing, and it remains to be seen what the final decision will be. Whatever happens, we will make sure to keep you updated on all developments as new information becomes available.


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