Teardown of Sony’s App Reveals Details About The Upcoming WH-1000MX4: Multi-Device Support & Smart Talking Feature

Sony’s WH-1000MX3 is definitely in the top three best premium headphones out there. For users, it is a matter of preference, brand loyalty, and other features. Recently, Microsoft entered into the competition as well. Their second version of the Surface Headphones is actually quite the knocker. Not to mention, some of the features, the controls, the aesthetics of the device really put it up with the Sony’s. But then, the superior sound experience of the Sony’s barely edge them past this. Barely. Not to mention, these seem dated. Everyone has high expectations from the upcoming WH-1000MX4s. On that bombshell, we look towards Android Police’s report on how a teardown of the App tells us more about what to expect from these headphones.

The WH-1000MX4

According to the report, the initial teardown was from a twitter user, JustPlayingHardand then looked into more detail from the folks over at XDA Developers. The main feature that they took out from it was that the headphones would now feature multiple device support. This would be similar to the one offered by Microsoft on their Surface Headphones. Although people would have to connect over to the other device to move towards it, but it would definitely be a seamless pair as compared to what we have now with the unpairing. Additionally, this would mean that Sony would be letting go of LDAC support. It seems a bummer but we guess the company didn’t find it important enough to satisfy a specific number of customers out there.

The headphones would feature DSEE Extreme, a version of their AI system which allows the headphones to upscale the audio output from lower resolution files. This is an enhanced version of the current DSEE HX found on the headphones currently (WH-1000MX3). There is also a new smart-talking feature included in the new headphones. What it would do is detect voices automatically and enable ambient sound mode without users having to enable it by themselves.

Physically, as some photos have surfaced, the headphones look pretty similar to the previous version. Perhaps there may be some improvements to the battery and the fast charging. Even if it doesn’t, there isn’t much wrong with them in that area. These headphones, the WH-1000MX3s, are actually top-notch!


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